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Whether you are just starting out in PPF or you have been installing for years, our BUSHWRAPZ® team will support you and your businesses growth.

There are two ways we set up our installers. If you are a beginner I highly recommend getting started in the PPF industry with our DIY Template range, BUSHWRAPZ® Cape and Advance. These are simplified templates that will help you hone your PPF basics by eliminating the hardest parts of installing, stretching and trimming. This allows you to really focus on increasing your debris management skills and ensuring you are correctly removing any water or air from under the film.

If you are a tried and tested installer - maybe it’s time you add 4WD drives to your resume!
Installers are always trying to chase the luxury or exotic market with PPF, but don’t underestimate the complexity of some of our 4WD’s *cough cough* 79 bonnets.


FAQ - please read before submitting

We are a small Australian company who specialise in designing Paint Protection Kits for 4WDs.. We have been operating in Australia for 3 years, selling thousands of our DIY kits across the country. Aussies love their outdoors, and they love their vehicles even more. We wanted to stop people from having to choose between taking a track and wrecking their paintwork. Enter, the creation of affordable PPF Kits for 4WDs.

With rapidly growing brand awareness thanks to our digital marketing, BUSHWRAPZ® has now grown into a trusted PPF Brand. We offer a range of films, kits for both DIY and Professionals, training and supporting tools. We aim to make and stock everything you need to successfully implement Paint Protection Film as a service into your business. As well as generate customers for YOU!

  • We have a range of DIY kits which are an awesome way to get your foot in the door with PPF if you are just starting out

  • We have a wide range of hidden PRO templates for our certified dealers

  • Being predominantly online, we have everything you need at the touch of your fingers to be able to quote your customers with ease and get pricing instantly

  • We are proud to push hundreds of leads a week directly to our Recommended Installers

  • We provide extensive support to our dealer network to ensure you have all the resources you need to implement PPF into your business

  • We host annual PPF installation and PPF business training weekend. This allows all of our dealer network to gather and share their expertise.

  • We have a group chat for all dealers to discuss installation tips and gain valuable knowledge from one another

  • ALL installers MUST attend training with us to be certified and listed as a BUSHWRAPZ® recommended installer

  • You need to have the capacity to take on more work

  • We will assess your proximity to other installers. Our guideline is ultimately no closer than 30 minutes however this overlaps and is assessed alongside the capacity for more work in that area

  • Your target market needs to align with the BUSHWRAPZ® branding - 4WDs

  • We will assess your businesses reputation/physical premise

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